by Chase Tremaine

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Unfall is the solo debut record from Nashville-based songwriter Chase Tremaine. Unfall (which is German for "accident" as well as shorthand for the album's epic closer, "Unfallinlovewithable") represents Tremaine's unique vision for what complex yet memorable rock music can sound like in the 20's. Recording all the vocals, drums, and guitars himself, Tremaine makes highly melodic, highly rhythmic songs where the two halves of “pop-rock” do not dilute one another; you get both the cacophonous energy of rock and the catchy euphoria of pop. With influences that span the history of emo (Jimmy Eat World, The Academy Is…, Foxing), his music has garnered comparisons from fans to the likes of Paramore, Switchfoot, Mae, and at times, even Dance Gavin Dance. Unfall was produced by Zach Lardy, mastered by Sean Hilson, and features the singles "Matter" and "Honest Tree."


released January 24, 2020

Produced and mixed by Zach Lardy at the Berceuse Room in Antioch, TN
Mastered by Sean Power at the Hilson Studio in Antioch, TN
Published and copyrighted by Chase Tremaine


all rights reserved



Chase Tremaine Nashville, Tennessee

One-man-band emo rocker with a post-hardcore sense of instrumentation and an old-fashioned pop sense for melody and harmony. Originally from Dallas, based in Nashville.

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Track Name: Matter
Home / Could merely be the place we sleep / Alone / With plans and promises to keep / Alive / To make all of my dreams come true / Or die / Before making my big debut // You, showstopper, make me think, “Life could end in just a blink” / Thought I had so much to lose / But what’s to gain if I lose you? / ‘Cause you’re the one I want to come home to // Hard times come and hard times go / It’s no matter, no matter / Riches come and riches go / It’s no matter, no matter / People come and people go / And that matters / It matters if we can make it through it all / ‘Cause you matter, you matter // Night / Reminds us how the cycle ends / The fight / To matter to someone begins // Even if my dreams fall through / Let’s chase yours or dream anew / ‘Cause you’re the one I want to come home to // ‘Cause you’re the one I want to come home to //
Track Name: Search for Myself
Been looking at old photos / Re-reading my favorite books / Connecting with hometown pals / But nothing seems to help me out / I’m different, I’ve noticed, than last year in almost every way / Been missing that other me / Is he long gone like yesterday? // I’m self-aware to a fault / ‘Cause I don’t believe I have blindspots / If I am in a state of change, can what I know really be sustained? // I can’t stop the search for myself / But I’m finding nothing, finding nothing // Psychology seems helpful / But needing more is inevitable / I’m tired of solutions that don’t address the pollution / You see it, you feel it / It makes us terrible scientists / Who made us? Let’s talk to him / ‘Cause only he sees without sin // I’m self-aware to a fault / ‘Cause I don’t believe I have blindspots / If my heart is deceitful, then what do I hope to find at all? // As I sift through my thoughts, the ground beneath me trembles / They shift like all the failing prophecies I wrestle / It’s time to redirect my search to something settled / It’s time, it’s time // I’m self-aware to a fault / ‘Cause I don’t believe I have blindspots / And everything I think I know, when I die what will I have to show? // I’m stuck in feedback loops of growth, death, and drift / Perfect self-knowledge is a burden we were not meant to lift //
Track Name: Worth the Wait
He had the future made / Though it was just sixth grade / ‘Cause he would keep his heart sealed / Then he was shown the game / His heart unlocked, obeyed / And he learned to play the field / He had it all planned out / How to give his very best / But left that for conquest // You would’ve been worth the wait / Is it too late? / ‘Cause you’re worth the wait / That boy, before he grew into a man / He knew you’d be worth the wait // All that he had sworn to / So much he would undo / ‘Cause he hasn’t built a thing / If he had just loved you, would you be torn in two? / And would he still feel this sting? / Now that you’ve heard me out, will you take me as I am? / A broken promise land // This isn’t how he wanted us to meet / Or who he should’ve grown to be //
Track Name: Programming the Soul
Death swallowed my whole while I was still alive / Now I’m tickling his tonsils till he vomits me up / Life plagued me with shame when I thought I could thrive / I was whistling in the wind trying not to disrupt / The way I knew life should go / The rules I tried hard to follow / Put my consciousness to rest / Now I think death likes to swallow the best // Why does it feel like… // The more I love, the less I’m loved, the less I’m loved, the more I want / The more I love, the less I’m loved, the less I’m loved, the more I want to hate? // The way I thought life should be / Is not what I found easily / But death is so obvious / We all know it comes for us // We feed off each other, but we’re never full / Now I’m wrestling my conscience till he gives up the ghost / He’s the source of guilt within my programmed soul / So regardless how I’m built, he needs to find a new host // Give me the X and Y so I can find the point / Of latching right and wrong onto a pivot joint / When will the moral landscape let me kill for free / Or else indict the world for how it’s killing me? / These two can’t coexist, at least one must be / If we don’t criminalize, then we are not free / I was taught my conscience is the highest law / But if my heart loves killing, does that leave us at a draw? // Who am I to decide what’s good and what’s evil / But who are you to tell me that I’m wrong? / And why do we prop ourselves up so quickly to judge what does and doesn’t belong? //
Track Name: Counsel (The Help I Get)
“Let’s sit in your emotions / Tell me, how does that make you feel? / You got this far and fixed nothing / But now it’s time to heal / A little anger, a little shame / Yell out who you want to blame / And we’ll start from there” // “Let’s list out your devotions / Tell me, how do they help you grow? / Do they lead you into truth or does guilt eat at your soul? / A little lust used as bait / To bring others into the hate / Harbored for yourself” // Why am I starting to resent the help I get for doing what I want? / Inhibitions fuel contradictions / When I do what I hate and I’m not what I love // “Describe to me your family / Tell me, did they love you well? / Did they give you tastes of heaven or scare you straight with hell? / Did they fight? Did they date? / I know they kept food on your plate / But was that enough?” // “Describe to me your love life / Tell me, have you loved them well? / You say they deserve much more / Yet you ride that carousel / A life of sin used as bait / To bring others into the hate / Then to spit them out” // You don’t have to be scared / You were never alone / But you can’t make it on your own / If you don’t turn around, you might never be found / And if you’re never found, you will never be home //
Track Name: Lonely Saints
Does heaven have lonely saints? / Does heaven have wasted days? / No matter how hard I try / I never can figure out time / I look for help in myself / But I find a barren hell / Like drowning with my hands closed / After three days, I never rose // I want so badly to surrender / But the days, they are so small / I promised that I’d follow you / But I won’t give up control // Does my house have lonely saints? / I walk past her every day / Yet whether she pray or cry / I never offer up my time / I know that she sees me still / I know that she always will / And I hear her every prayer / But I’ve grown too selfish to care // I want so badly to remember / When I thought we had it all / I made a vow that I’d love her / But I won’t give up control // She dives in to grab my hand / But the glass is out of sand / I thought that she needed me / But I had sunk too deep to see / That this woman loves me still / And by grace, she always will / This portrait that rescue paints / Could prove there are no lonely saints //
Track Name: Humanizer
He’s flirting with me again / Making promises he can’t keep / That I could have everything / If I’d only be with him / But I know he won’t commit // He’s stress-stress-stressing me out / He’s stress-stress-stressing me out / He’s stress-stress-stressing me out / He’s a humanizer // His good intentions always seem fake / And there’s a fear I can’t seem to shake / Am I a member of a crowd / Or the only one he sees? / Do I know he won’t commit / Lust and empty promises? // The only place where I am free / Is when I shut my eyes tight / Disappear from his sight / The only place I want to be / Is where the world that I see / Matches up to my dreams // The only place where I can see / Is when I shut my eyes tight / Live in perfect hindsight / The only place I want to be / Is where the world that I see / Matches up to my dreams / Either he can’t view me / Or he’s speaking truly // I made my mind up to let him be / But could not kill the anxiety / Even when he is nowhere / I still feel his stare / Tomorrow will always be there //
Track Name: Cave
It might look like I am stuck in a hole / Don’t mind me, I’ve got it under control / It’s not so bad down here / It’s only been a year / But I can’t imagine going back // Why do I try to please anyone but me? // I’ve got everything I need right here / I’ve got everything I need right here / I’ve got everything // Everything in my little cave // Who needs cities when I make my own tools? / Can’t eat, can’t sleep in a world built by fools / I used to humor fears / But now it’s been five years / I’ll never digress again like that // I have found what you seek / Evolution’s peak // Digging deeper’s never been so great, no / Don’t confuse my mansion for a grave / I’m so better off living down here where my future’s made / You don’t know, you don’t know / Heard those rumors that I’ve gone insane, no / They will never manage to explain / All the ways I’ve grown past the past / It cannot infiltrate / Better off on my own // It might look like I am stuck //
Track Name: Honest Tree
Telling you the honest truth / Brings the freedom of confession / With the weight of reality / Was it lighter in the fiction? / I don’t need a priest or booth / But I do want absolution / From my wasteland fidelity / Why does freedom cut like friction? // All the bars I couldn’t jump / Have transformed into a cage / I’ve been cut down to the stump / Burn the wood or turn the page / My whole life lies on the floor / What remains of my old self / Can the dead now be restored? / I’m too proud to ask for help // Fruitful seasons came and went / Failed another expectation / While I wait for the honest tree / Will I stand up to the rending? / Seasons feel so permanent / Fiction was my consolation / Will I wake from the fantasy / To a fresh start or the ending? // What do I need to do / To make sure I can stand up in front of you / And be welcomed as a son that you knew / Not a stranger convinced he could always get himself through // I’m too proud to really tell the honest truth / To myself or others / These branches are only good for falling / I hide my face when I hear you calling / My whole life lies on the floor / What remains of my old self / Can the dead now be restored? / I’m too proud to ask for help //
Track Name: Unfallinlovewithable
You know the tale / They’re looking at you like they just fell / But it won’t last / The future always repeats the past / Hope never dies / But it can shrink to such a small size / There goes the child who loved so hard / Just wanted somebody to miss your smile / When they cannot make you laugh / Somebody to miss the whole you / Not picking their favorite half // You believe that you’re unfallinlovewithable / Eyes that don’t glance / Feet that won’t dance / Asking questions like / “Would it be too much trouble / For one last chance at true romance?” / Who’s falling in love with you? // I know it hurts / When none commit while everyone flirts / Each one’s the same / Is it them, you, or God who’s to blame? / But nevers can’t stand against one piece of evidence / Then there they go / To never again hurt somebody who knows that / I miss your smile / When I cannot make you laugh / I even miss your sadness / When you cry, I’m cut in half / So I’d rather be together / In weakness than be strong alone / If you would be my forever / A mystery becoming known // You believe that you’re unfallinlovewithable / And it’s alright / I know that fight / Now I need to say / You just might be in trouble / ‘Cause it’s not true / And I’ve got proof / I’ve fallen in love with you // It can be hard to be honest / With all its clumsiness in tow / Contradictions are upon us / Of what we feel and what we show / Time for us to break the pattern / Let the never die at last / Nothing’s gonna make me sadder / Than if you think your hope has passed // You believe that you’re unfallinlovewithable / But at your worst / You are not cursed / When you start to fear / “It was never possible” / You’re worthy of another’s love / We all think that we’re unfallinlovewithable / That if we’re known / We’ll be alone / So we choose to keep hiding away from trouble / And stay aloof / Ignore the proof / I’ve fallen in love with you / Do you love me, too? //

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